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18th-Oct-2012 03:31 pm - LAYOUT REQUESTS
tv on the brain
requests are currently closed
Thanks for your interest, but I've got quite a few requests to fill right now, so I'll open requests again when those are finished (shouldn't be too long, a few weeks at most). If you really would like one, then leave a comment here and I'll notify you when requests open again. For now, you can check my 'to do' list to see how many layouts I have left until requests open again :) Thanks!
14th-Oct-2012 04:29 pm - layout 006 - melon

two layouts in one week, wow.

S2 flexible squares, crazy hover features and opacity, weird colours, but I like it.

Designed from THIS colour palette.

Live preview / download css

EDIT: Chrome users, please use this css, or else your userpics will go crazy.

{ ads between entries (as always)
{ no tiny icons with this one ignore me - tinyicons added, as well as a cute cursor
{ change the colours/change whatever you like, as long as there is credit somewhere to novoluxa
{ will x-post to mintyapple in a few days
13th-Oct-2012 07:45 pm - layout 005 - fall
I was using this layout but then I made a new one I prefer, so...

S2 flexible squares - ads between entries
The navigation is not coded, I added it in to the 'blurb' box on the sidebar.
I recommend viewing the live preview so you can see the cute hover effects :3

live preview /download css

{ comment, credit punch @ novoluxa, change what you like, ask if you need help x }
[2] fanmixes
[1] Resident Evil (movie 'verse) (also: music for the end of the world)
[1] Resident Evil (game 'verse) - the Raccoon City incident

download .ZIP
tracklistiing & downloads hereCollapse )

download .ZIP
tracklistiing & downloads hereCollapse )
3rd-Oct-2012 02:39 pm - icons oo6
[14] icons - stock, typography, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (x2)
[19] banners - stock, quotes, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (x3), Monarch of the Glen (x2)

the rest hereCollapse )
29th-Sep-2012 04:50 pm - icons oo5
tv on the brain
20 icons for hbic20in20
[19] Jill Valentine – Resident Evil Apocalypse
[1] Sienna Guillory as Arya – Eragon

look out - it's a monster!Collapse )
31st-Aug-2012 02:44 pm - icons oo4
tv on the brain

[56] colourful icons
0-25 Star Wars (original trilogy)
26-56 Resident Evil (movies & games)

+ note! curiosing → punch.

these aren't the 'droids you're looking forCollapse )
8th-Mar-2012 10:04 pm - 001; boom
tv on the brain
locked community;

recent entries are public, older entries are locked

punch @ novoluxa

layouts, icons, and other such things.
join + watch for updates, y/y?
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