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[fanmix] what we do // stargate universe 
14th-Dec-2012 02:13 pm
tv on the brain

download .zip

Telescope Eyes // Eisley
Where Love Went Wrong // Augustana
Tonight // Lykke Li
So Cold // Ben Cocks (feat. Nikisha Reyes Phile)
Get Up // Barcelona
Empty Bottle // Ingrid Michaelson
Ashes and Wine // A Fine Frenzy

A fanmix for Tamara Johansen and Everett Young of Stargate Universe, centering around their pre-series affair that (typically) went sour. Created to accompany my Yuletide story this year; I hope you enjoy it!

[x] leave a comment if downloading?
[x] let me know if the download links break, thanks! :)
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