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▼ boomtown.
18th-Oct-2012 03:31 pm
tv on the brain
requests are currently closed
Thanks for your interest, but I've got quite a few requests to fill right now, so I'll open requests again when those are finished (shouldn't be too long, a few weeks at most). If you really would like one, then leave a comment here and I'll notify you when requests open again. For now, you can check my 'to do' list to see how many layouts I have left until requests open again :) Thanks!
23rd-Oct-2012 06:00 pm (UTC) - REQUEST - Normal.
Hi! I absolutely love your layouts and colours :3 I love light colours the most even though right now I'm using dark D:

Name: hitsugaya15 + hitsu~
Layout color scheme: I like the colours you use so it's up to you but here's my tumblr blog for some color: http://welovehaehyuk.tumblr.com/ maybe you can use similar colours, but doesn't matter since I like your choices XD
Layout style: a banner would be nice but if you can't then it's fine too, um 780px wide content layout size, square icon pics, the footer attached to the main entires or separate is your choice but i'd prefer attached, the entry size can be around 500px or 600px, the comment boxes in the bottom center instead of the corners, navigation on the top
Sidebar: yes sidebar on the left but not too wide, enough to fit with in the 780px content and 600px wide entries, link list before the blur and calendar 
Transitions: yes I' not 100% sure what you mean if you mean the userpics and header hover things then yes I'd like a transition but not something too heavy, it's up to you. I prefer a light hover that's visible enough to the eye - but it can be a little heavy for the links or entry title hovers ^^
Other info: the tags, moodthemes and etc i'd like starting on the right side, a separate box on the sidebar with credit (like the one you have)
And finally... it's for my personal journal entry where I post fics and etc

If it's not too clear, you can check my layout currently and maybe get a hint of what I was asking. ^^ I know requesting it doesn't mean you'll make it for sure but no harm right? Anyway, thank you much! ^^ and again, I love your layout!

Edited at 2012-10-23 06:01 pm (UTC)
23rd-Oct-2012 06:47 pm (UTC) - Re: REQUEST - Normal.
Ok, I will try and make this for you :) Really pretty tumblr btw :)

With the separate box on the sidebar for credit - I can only do that in Smooth Sailing, if that's ok? Unless you would rather have a Flexible Squares layout?
23rd-Oct-2012 11:21 pm (UTC) - Re: REQUEST - Normal.
I rather have flexible square since it's easier to handle so it's okay ^^ I just wanted a box that say not to copy my fics :3

Thank you so much ^^ I'm rly glad you like it :D
24th-Oct-2012 02:04 am (UTC) - Re: REQUEST - Normal.
Ok, well, I'll do one of both Flexible Squares and Smooth Sailing, and you can use which one you prefer :)

One more questions - which fonts would you like? :)
24th-Oct-2012 03:21 am (UTC) - Re: REQUEST - Normal.
okay hope it's not too much work >.< I like sans-serif fonts for when there is a lot of text, so like entires and blurb in the sidebar, links, comments, etc, but for headings or entry titles, i like serif. I like the font you're using on this layout of yours ^^
2nd-Nov-2012 01:45 am (UTC)
3rd-Nov-2012 10:35 pm (UTC)
Name: slinkslsowdown / Kei
Layout color scheme: Dark colors with lighter text. I'd prefer some blacks/greys for the main color and some pink, purple, and/or teal for fonts. I'd rather the colors be more pastel than super bright, please.
Layout style: Flexible Squares, entries that aren't too thin, but also not too wide. A good middle size~ Square icons that are within the entries.
Sidebar: Yes! Left side, please. Links list, userpic, calendar, freetext boxes. I'd like one freetext box to have a scroll bar, so I can add a lot of stuff without it making the page super long, lol.
Transitions: IDK what this means XD; Tell me more about it and I can pick some things? :d
Other info: Moodthemes and other metadeta on the left side. I'd like for there to be a space between my moodtheme pic and the moodtheme text (I can never find the coding to do that myself! ;-;). Sans-serif font, plerase. I like a border around my userpics. Oh, and I'd like my header to be the same width as the journal. Up to you whether that width includes the sidebar, do whatever you think looks best~ :3

Here's some images you can use as headers and/or to pick a color theme from:
http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/slinkslowdown/37070030/186043/186043_original.jpg (edit out the text, if you use this one?)

And finally... Personal journal. :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you'll pick mine! ^o^
4th-Nov-2012 06:19 pm (UTC)
Ok! I'll get started on yours next >.<

For transitions, I mean the hover effects when you hold your cursor over something, so if you see for this layout, the userpic border changes when you hover over it, and so does the links list. I can make these changes smooth or quick, or get rid of them altogether, whatever you would prefer?

I also have another question that I forgot to put in the above form (oops!) - do you have any preference about tinyicons, a particular set that you would like me to use? :)

Edited at 2012-11-04 06:20 pm (UTC)
4th-Nov-2012 11:00 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I'd love those transitions! And make them smooth, please. :)

I don't have a preference, but I do like layouts with unique tinyicons, so pick whatever you think fits~ :D
6th-Nov-2012 01:12 am (UTC)
Sure, I can do that :) It might take a bit longer because I have a paid request to work on this week, but yours will be done after that :) I've already started work on it now actually :D
6th-Nov-2012 01:16 am (UTC)
Ooh, yay! :D While I'm super excited to see it, there's no rush~ :3
6th-Nov-2012 01:03 am (UTC) - request - normal
Name: equal_to_k
Layout color scheme: dark golds; forest greens. nothing too specific, I have an image I'd like to use as the back ground.
Layout style: Nothing too fancy - what I have now size-wise is basically ideal. Tags and links (friends, profile etc) aligned left. If you can, I'd like the background completly visable - could you somehow make the rest opaque? font/links dark brown
Sidebar: yes, aligned left
Transitions: hover over font/links dark green
Other info: prety much similar to what I have at the moment, but with this immage as the background. I want to get something new, and with the movie comming out...
And finally... personal :) I hope I've given you enough information....
6th-Nov-2012 01:18 am (UTC) - Re: request - normal
Ok! :D You're #3 in line right now, if that's ok? I should be able to get started on yours sometime in the next week or so :)

I love the Lord of the Rings btw, so I love your background choice! :D
6th-Nov-2012 01:25 am (UTC) - Re: request - normal
I don't mind waiting :) and if you have any other ideas, have at it.
6th-Nov-2012 06:41 pm (UTC) - Hi, just leaving a request.
Name: Hassliebe/ Agatha

Layout color scheme:A palette I suggest: http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/2513682/Chan

Layout style: Flexible Square is fine. I'd like something simple, with a wide post area (800px more or less).

Sidebar: Yes, on the side. Right or left either is fine. Links list either at the top or the same as sidebar.

Transitions: yes and I prefer quick. Opacity and hover effects would be nice but you may add them at your discretion

Other info:I want a layout for next year,specially for Spring. Here are some prompt images you may use as headers, for background or color schemes:

And finally...This is for a community.

Thanks in advance.
8th-Nov-2012 05:34 pm (UTC) - Re: Hi, just leaving a request.
Ok! Those are some lovely header images, and spring is my favorite season, so I think I'll enjoy making your layout! :D

I'll add you to the to do list now (HERE), and get to it when I've done the others, if that's ok? :)
8th-Nov-2012 05:53 pm (UTC) - Re: Hi, just leaving a request.
Thsnk you very much.don't worry about ne waiting I'll gladly wait ^^
8th-Nov-2012 06:17 pm (UTC) - Re: Hi, just leaving a request.
Ok :)
8th-Nov-2012 10:34 am (UTC) - Request: normal
Name: rebelcolors

Layout color scheme: soft browns/sepiatones, grays, dark red as accents, no white please

Layout style: flexible squares preferred, middle to wide sized entries, a vintage/classic sort of style 

Sidebar: yes, on the right or left side, with free text and links list, please, and if possible, a tags cloud.

Transitions: your choice

Other info: I would absolutely love something that has an old letter feel to it like something out of the American Civil War with colors hinting at a Confederate flag (to fit my username ;)). It doesn't have to have anything like that as a background (although that'd be awesome, too, your choice), just sort of bring to mind the general idea. Something like this as a background would be great, too:
I like to have the tags/music/location somewhat smaller than the entry text, if possible. I'd love the space to add a header around 800 or so in width. Tinyicons are optional, if you'd like to add any that fit that would be wonderful, but it's completely your choice. For fonts I'd like something easy to read, not extremely small, please. (:  

And finally... It would be for my personal journal.

Thanks so very much if you're willing to give this a try (and sorry if I didn't fill it out very clearly..first time ever suggesting anything :o)!

Edited at 2012-11-08 10:45 am (UTC)
8th-Nov-2012 05:38 pm (UTC) - Re: Request: normal
It's ok, you filled for form out just right :) Yes, I'll add you to the list (here) and get to it :) It sounds like a really interesting idea, the Civil War theme, and I'll try my best to make it look sepia for you :) And just to check, the Confederate flag is red, white and blue, isn't it? (I'm not actually American, haha!)

Thanks for the request! :D
8th-Nov-2012 06:16 pm (UTC) - Re: Request: normal
Thank you so much! :D

Ah! *facepalm* So sorry, I didn't realize.
That's right. Here's a picture:
8th-Nov-2012 06:18 pm (UTC) - Re: Request: normal
Aaaaah, it's a good thing you clarified haha I did not know that was the Confederate flag at all, I was thinking of the other one, the one with stars and stripes :O /British

Yess, I'll get started on that for you! :D
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