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16th-Jan-2013 04:53 pm - Stargate SG-1
tv on the brain
24 Stargate SG-1 icons from various episodes (mostly Sam, but some Sam/Jack, and there's even a couple of Cassie).

Let's play a game called: 'How Adorable is bb!Sam?' I'll start:Collapse )
14th-Dec-2012 01:46 pm - 2 PSDs
tv on the brain



[x] Credit isn't necessary, but comments are very appreciated, thank you! :D
[x] Let me know if the download links don't work ;D
9th-Dec-2012 04:36 pm - Not a layout but...
tv on the brain
Something cute for you guys! :3

Firstly, I would just like to say thank you for all of your lovely comments on my layouts, it's really nice to know that people like my layouts! I'm going to have a new one up soonish, it's just that I'm not 100% sure what the future has in store for this comm, when you consider the new ~updates LJ is implementing for our friends pages. If they're not customizable anymore, then what's the point in coding custom layouts? I'm worried, but until LJ 100% dies, I'll still be here making layouts. If/when LJ does put the new f-list into force, then I will still continue making layouts @ [community profile] dustier. But in the meantime, let's have a prayer circle and hope LJ sees sense before it's too late! :O

And now for something cute! If, when you're crediting me for your layouts, you would rather use a cute button, I've made one :D Just copy and paste the code in the box (hotlinking is fine) into your profile/credit entry, and you're good to go :) I'll make a few more later, when I'm more inspired :)

Thanks guys!
tv on the brain

- Flexible Squares, ads between entries, custom font, tinyicons, rounded userpics.

Summer CSS: download

Goldfish: preview / CSS.

I'm still working on your requests, don't worry, this layout just kind of happened. Lately, I've been learning to code Dreamwidth layouts - does anyone use Dreamwidth? If you do, my layout comm is here, and there is a DW version of this layout available (along with some more color schemes) here :D

- I haven't coded a header image with this, if you want you can add one, but IMO it looks best without :)
- Please credit / watch the comm :)
- As always, comment if you have any questions, and enjoy! :D
8th-Nov-2012 06:03 pm - Chapter One
tv on the brain
24 icons for theiconquest Chapter One

14 Resident Evil movies (Alice & Claire, 1 Jill)
2 Resident Evil games (Sherry & Claire)
2 X-Files
2 Avatar 2012 (Neytiri)
3 Star Wars
1 Avengers 2012


hereCollapse )
3rd-Nov-2012 03:46 pm - Layout: REQUESTED BY HITSU!

Flexible Squares, ads between entries, tiny icons, cursor, hover effects.

Requested by hitsugaya15, but free for everyone to use.

Live preview (with header): toiling

CSS: with header (for hitsu) / without header.
(To change the header, find .headerimage { in the css, and put your image url where it says URL HERE :D )

UPDATE! There is now a blue version available! Preview // download.

IMPORTANT: hitsu, thanks so much for your request, I enjoyed making this layout, the colors you chose are really cute together! If you would like anything changing, big or small, let me know :) If you could please go here to leave me some feedback, that would be lovely, thank you :D xx

Coding for the sidebar, to enable a separate area for credit: add this to the end of your blurb:

Want to request a layout? Go here :)
3rd-Nov-2012 03:43 pm - FEEDBACK

If you have requested a layout from me, paid or normal, then I would really appreciate it if you could leave feedback here :) Just a little comment about how you felt about requesting from me, how well I communicated with you, whether or not you like your layout, etc. It doesn't have to be long.

Thank you so much for requesting, and for leaving feedback!

* Go here to request a layout.
27th-Oct-2012 05:04 pm(no subject)

Currently looking for affiliates! Leave a comment if you would like to be added :)

22nd-Oct-2012 01:12 pm - layout 007 - luna
tv on the brain
Well, I said I was learning how to make userpics round, and this is the result.


NOTE: This layout looks better in dreamwidth, but it's still pretty cute on LJ :)

code.live preview / dreamwidth preview / download
features.rounded userpics, rounded sidebar edges, opacity, tiny icons. There is also a drop shadow on the sidebar, which you can't see well with this background, but if you changed the background it would be more obvious.
colours.accent colour/pink: (userpic border, italic) #FFCCBB
lighter gray (drop shadow, blockquote bg): #F8F8F8
darker gray (bold, text, tags hover): #666
links, smalltext: #5e5e5e
links hover : #999999
comments/subject: #b0b0b0
subject hover/date/tags: #cccccc
credit.please credit punch @ novoluxa
extra.if you want to use this on dreamwidth, see this post for a how-to.
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